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Graduate Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech)
Graduate Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering
Full-time Professors




Academic Degree

Research Areas


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Hsuan-Liang Liu

Ph.D., Chem. Eng., Iowa State Univ.

Structural Biology, Molecular Simulations, Genetic & Protein Engineering, Environmental Biology




mail : f10894



Sheng-Tung Huang

Ph.D., Bio-Organic Chemistry, Brandeis Univ.Waltham molecular design, natural product total synthesis



mail : ws75624

Hsin-Yi Lin

Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Mississippi State University

Tissue Engineering, Mammalian Cell Culture and Analysis, Biomaterials Development and Analysis




mail : hbrunken


Wen-Hui Weng

Ph.D Medical genetics, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Molecular cytogenetic study, Cancer research, Drug resistance


mail : wendywwh

Ren-Jei Chung Ph.D., Materials Science and Eng., National Tsing Hua University Biomaterials, Cell Biology, Materials Processing, Nanobiotechnology




mail : rjchung


Associate Professor

Shao-Yi Hou

Ph.D., Chem. Eng., Texas A&M Univ.

Gene Engineering, Bacteria Physiology, Biochemical Engineering, Molecular Biology




mail : f10955


Assistant Professor

Chih-Hung Huang

Ph.D., Genetics, National Yang-Ming University

Bacterial Genetics, Molecluar Biology, Genetic Engineering, The Structures and Functions of Strepomyces Telomeres




mail : chhuang